Company Values

Our Customers

We strive to understand the challenges faced by our customers and we offer a realistic solutions. We always remember that our customer's complete experience and perception is just as important as the eventual result. Ultimately, our success is predicated upon the integrity of the human connection between our customer and us.

Our Service

Our service is the precise fulfillment of a promise. We strive not only to meet each commitment with precision but also to deliver our service with a reassuring style and integrity that is uniquely identifiable as SAFWA MARINE.

Our Team Members

We consider ourselves team members because we know that our role and responsibility is more than just a job. Together, we embrace diversity and creativity because it fosters the proper environment where we can enjoy personal respect and dignity while we contribute to our collective success.

Our Facilities

At SAFWA MARINE, our buildings and equipment inspire a confidence that can only come from optimal facilities offered in a controlled and properly maintained environment.